Calvert Attic Ladder Installation Graphics

I like ordinary drop-down ladders, even in especially tight spaces.Calvert ladders serve best, when you have to clear a door header, or clear a wall. I also choose Calvert for widest steps, where a comfortable 30" rough opening is allowed.

My customers are preferring a Calvert Mod configuration I offer. Here are examples, where more-compact deployment is mandatory. It is a nicer ladder under all circumstances.

Calvert Model 1804, Modified Four Sections:


Calvert Model 1026, Modified Three Sections:

Here is a Calvert 1026 in a short configuration. Which would you prefer? I offer the choice. This is a very interesting garage ladder opportunity with a double-width garage on a single-width driveway. Half of the space under the roof is a sheltered patio. The ladder, outside on the patio, reaches to the garage peak, and some very nice over-garage unobstructed storage. The Model 1026 has 26" free width into the attic, with nothing to snag objects passing through the ladder frame, except smooth "limit arms" that suspend the ladder door.

Note the slight danger in a short person getting smacked, as a top-heavy pair of sections finds gravity fall, with the "factory" configuration, and the "unlucky step" to be avoided. A bottom step too near ground may break out, and has no value.


Choices become more difficult where angle adjustment combines with choice of section length. A yet-shallower ladder angle is possible with full 4-step middle section. It will be hard to always make the right choice. Fighting propensity for kick-out adds to the debate. I think a three-step middle section has less kick-out propensity, and it will be worth the effort to test this.

An angle shallower than 65 degrees can't be achieved here, with the 75 cm, three step middle section. Angle shallower by two degrees could have been achieved with a factory 100 cm middle section.

Here is proof the ladder could not have been trimmed longer, at shallower angle:

This installation is belabored, to show the kind of communication that is possible, perhaps in a team of an R5Portals planner, a contractor, and a savvy home owner. Contact R5Portals, to form a team,

First Installation. Double-click the slide show window, for controlled viewing, directly in Picasa Web Albums.

PicasaWeb Slideshow

Second Installation, simple iPhone video:

YouTube Video

My 18th Calvert Ladder Installation:
The attachment captures the current state of my art in Calvert wood ladder installation. The information supports a post to Calvert's Forum Tech Support questions, Topic: Can ladders be opened from the top. 
My answer: yes, and examples here, why I do that.

Phillip Norman,
Sep 20, 2011, 7:31 AM